Pokémon Splice is a Pokémon Fangame being developed by Thundaga and the rest of the Splice Team. It was initially made for the Relic Castle Game Jam #6 as a demo, and the most of the development was livestreamed on Twitch.

The first version of Splice was released as a demo on August 10th, 2020.


The story of the game centers around two teams that perform genetic experiments on Pokémon to create new forms. The two teams are the Biogress Foundation and Quantech Co.


Development Team

Relic Castle's 6th Game Jam event only allowed a team of four people working on each game, but the team has expanded after the jam ended. Check out the current list of Splice Team members here.

Original Game Jam Dev Team:

Starting development

The development of Pokemon Splice started on July 3rd, 2020. When first trying to come up with a name for the game, Thundaga wanted a title for the game that represented "evil" or "diabolical", and came up with the name Pokemon Vile after a few thesaurus searches.

The first thing he worked on was the dialogue system. He wanted it so that you could see sprites of both characters on the screen during the dialogue, and having the sprite of the character talking be highlighted.

After working on the dialogue screen for an hour or so, he started trying to come up with some plot points. The theme of the game jam was 'escape', so the initial idea for the game was based on that, though he has now moved on from the theme of escape instead for the game to be more based around scientific research.

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